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Tummyfish Swims to Kutubee in a partnership with publishers

Tummyfish swims to kutubee
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The Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), Nestlé, and Jabal Amman Publishers have teamed up to bring the Tummyfish book that encourages children to choose water for healthy hydration to the Kutubee reading platform.

Announced on World Water Day, this partnership makes Tummyfish available to Kutubee’s thousands of readers across 114 schools in 22 countries for three years; and comes two years after the book and related App were launched in Jordan as part of ongoing collaboration between RHAS and Nestlé which was kicked off in 2015 with the roll out of the Ajyal Salima school nutrition education program in the Kingdom.

“We hope that this partnership which comes in an era of focus on virtual learning will help encourage children to adopt healthy nutrition habits in an interactive and fun way,” said Michèle Dagher, Creating Shared Value Manager at Nestlé in the Middle East and North Africa.

“We are proud of our partnership with Nestlé and the Royal Health Awareness Society,” said Sinan Sweis, General Manager of Jabal Amman Publishers, which will also be offering free Kutubee access to 1,000 children from four public schools in Jordan; and training school teachers at the facilities on using the platform. “We offer children more than 1,500 books, including distinguished titles in our "Human Body & Health" section which now also includes the Tummyfish experience, in order to empower them with the knowledge they need about proper nutrition, health, and physical activity.”

“We at the Royal Health Awareness Society have always believed in the importance of partnership to support children’s health through various communication tools,” said Hanin Odeh, Director General, the Royal Health Awareness Society. “We are happy to be joining efforts today with our partners at Nestlé in the Middle East and North Africa and Jabal Amman Publishers to encourage reading and help guide healthy behavior by uploading stories such as that of Tummyfish on Kutubee.”

Tummyfish becomes a “virtual pet” on the book’s related App – essentially a digital fish appearing to swim in a child’s belly which gets happier and vigorous with more water consumption, and sad and slow when sweetened drinks replace water.

About Nestlé for Healthier Kids and Tummyfish:

The Nestlé for Healthier Kids global initiative aims to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030, through leading research in children nutrition, product innovation and the introduction of healthier foods, as well as education and innovative nutrition and lifestyle programs and services developed and implemented with partners around the globe.

The Tummyfish book and interactive App, available in both English and Arabic, rewards children by allowing them to unlock games after crossing various obstacles.

Parents are invited to download Tummyfish from App Store or Google Play.

About the Royal Health Awareness Society:

RHAS was established under the direction of Her Majesty Queen Rania in 2005 to encourage and promote healthy practices in local communities. RHAS implements several developmental programs in response to local community needs, such as the National Accreditation for Healthy Schools, Think First, Shababna Youth For Health, Generations Protected initiative to prevent risky behaviors and drug abuse amongst children and youth and the Healthy Community Clinic to address the needs of local communities, which are well-aligned with the national health agenda as well as with RHAS’ vision for establishing a healthy, safe Jordanian society.

About Jabal Amman Publishers (JAP) and Kutubee

A Jordanian award-winning publishing house, which believes that knowledge is the key to building civilization and the advancement of mankind. It is also proud to be a creator of original, innovative and distinctive Arabic content that meets the need of Arab readers with a creative approach, thus enabling readers to become independent thinkers, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for their personal development and future success.

JAP is the owner of the Kutubee - an interactive reading platform that offers more than 1,500 books in Arabic, English, and French from the best Arabic and international publishers.

You can download Kutubee from App Store or Google Play.

For more information, please contact: 

Layal Dalal, Nestlé Media Relations Manager, Middle East and North Africa

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