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Our heritage in the Middle East and North Africa spans over 100 years, producing and providing quality products as well as serving consumers in the best possible way.

Nestlé continuously strives to build a business that benefits not only the company but also individuals, communities, the planet, and society.

Across the 19 countries in our MENA region, we actively contribute to society as per local needs, addressing social, health, and environmental challenges. We also step up relief efforts as needed with determination, resilience, courage, and a caring heart.

Collectively, we work towards a clear, common goal: to be a ‘force for good’.

Nestlé's Humanitarian Aid for Communities impacted in Gaza
Nestlé MENA has extended relief efforts to impacted communities in Gaza since early October, 2023. We have mobilized resources to provide essential food, beverages, water, and medical aid, which we will continue to do for those in need as the situation evolves.
Relief in Gaza
Providing food, beverages, water and essential medical supplies donations
- Delivered over 2.8 million servings of milk and biscuits and more than 650,000 liters of water to impacted families in Gaza, in collaboration the Egyptian Food Bank, the Egyptian Red Crescent, and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization.

- Worked closely with the Egyptian Cure Bank to distribute critical medical supplies to impacted areas.
food beverage
Supporting the medical treatment of 1,000 injured children
- Nestlé MENA is the first company to initiate and partner with the Ministry of Health in Egypt and the Terous Foundation to support the medical treatment of severely injured children from Gaza.

- This support includes fully covering the expenses of medical treatment for 1,000 injured children.

- Critical air evacuation has been carried out for 28 incubated infants, who are now receiving the necessary support in Egyptian hospitals.
medical treatment
Organizing employee volunteering drives
-Launched an employee volunteering initiative called Helping Hands - لأهلنـــــــــــــا في غزة to complement our ongoing relief contributions.

-More than 3,000 hours of volunteering have been conducted by over 300 employees and families, in collaboration with local partners such as the Egyptian Food Bank, the Egyptian Red Crescent, and the Jordan Clothing Bank.
Organizing employee volunteering drives
Relief in morocco
Nestlé's Relief Efforts following
the Earthquake in Morocco

In response to the devastating earthquake in Morocco on September 8th, 2023, that claimed the lives of thousands, leaving so many more injured, our support was focused on urgent relief initiatives.

Our local team rapidly mobilized donations of essential food and materials to impacted communities. In partnership with the King Mohammed V foundation, we distributed more than 700,000 servings of essential dairy and cereal products to support families in need in affected areas. In addition, our team ogranized local blood donations drives and facilated the collection and distrbution of essential items to support displaced families. In partnership with the Zakoura Foundation, Nestlé also supported the rehabilitation of schools affected by the earthquake.

Additonally, Nestlé supported global disaster relief partners with contributions to the International Federation of the Red Cross global Disaster Response Emergency Fundwhich channeled € 1 million to local relief endeavors. We also extended our support to World Central Kitchen, an organization diligently working to provide nourishing meals to families in need during crises.

Earthquake in Syria
Nestlé's Relief Efforts following
the Earthquake in Syria

In response to the devastating earthquake in Syria that occurred in February 2023, we have allocated an emergency fund and provided immediate monetary support through local aid channels. This assistance was directed toward life-saving healthcare, essential food, and medicine supplies to aid in the recovery efforts. In total, we've dispatched over three million servings of milk, totaling nearly 96 tons, along with 94,000 liters of water, through our partnership with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Additionally, we established a global employee fundraising platform in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). Through this initiative, Nestlé committed to doubling employee donations by matching all contributions made.

KSA donation
Nestlé’s response to the
COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic had and will continue to have a devastating impact around the world. That's why our focus remained on utilizing our size, scale, compassion, and commitment to social responsibility to support and assist communities across the Middle East and North Africa.

Joining forces with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Donating food, medical nutrition products and bottled water, and supporting logistics to bring relief to those most affected by the pandemic.

- Globally donating CHF 10 million for immediate deployment in countries where it is most needed.

- Globally matching 1:1 any donations to the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies or Federation made by our employees.

- In the MENA region, providing food and medical support to the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society, the Tunisia Red Crescent, and the Emirates Red Crescent.

Beirut Explosion
Nestlé’s Relief Efforts
following the Beirut Explosion

Nestlé supported relief efforts in the aftermath of the August 4th Beirut port explosion, impacting more than 5,000 families and addressing rising social, medical, and environmental needs in partnership with reputable entities in Lebanon.

Following an initial urgent relief efforts to help populations in Beirut and its surrounding areas, a Global Nestlé employees donations matching campaign was created in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies specifically to support Beirut explosion victims. Through this initiative, CHF 100,000 (USD 110,000) have been secured in support of the Lebanese Red Cross’ specific relief initiatives for the population in Beirut and surrounding areas.

Food & Beverage Support for Impacted Families: Nestlé collaborated with the Lebanese Food Bank to source produce, including olive oil, lentils, chickpeas, and jams, directly from 60 Lebanese farms, supporting 2,600 impacted families. It also secured 30 tons of milk, providing more than 100,000 servings to over 2,000 families in need in partnership with Beit El Baraka, the Lebanese Food Bank, and Caritas Lebanon.

Rebuilding Hospitals: The company also worked directly with impacted hospitals in Achrafieh, aiding in the rebuilding and refurbishment of pediatric wards. This included providing medical equipment to enhance scientific offerings and improve medical care for the benefit of people in Lebanon.

Recycling Glass Debris: Nestlé partnered with several entities, including arcenciel and Development Inc., to support the collection and recycling of glass debris. The objective was to integrate the collected debris into building materials. On average, nearly 40 tons were collected every day.

Rebuilding Kitchens: Additionally, as part of a collaboration with Caritas Lebanon, new stoves and refrigerators were provided to support the rehabilitation of over 60 kitchens in affected homes. This initiative aimed to ensure that families could cook and access safe food.

Moreover, Nestlé offered a financial contribution to impacted company employees in Lebanon to assist in repairing their homes. Emergency loans were also extended where needed. In total, Nestlé's relief efforts directed towards families, communities, and employees in Lebanon amounted to more than USD 1 million.