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We are Nestlé. The Good food, Good life company. We believe in the power of food to enhance lives.

Nestlé is a Swiss company with a heritage of more than 150 years, providing foods and beverages for consumers in more than 188 countries around the world. The company employs around 275,000 people and offers more than 2,000 brands ranging from global icons to local favorites. Nestlé’s purpose is about unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. Our values are rooted in respect, respect for ourselves, for others, for diversity, and for the future.

Our heritage in the Middle East and North Africa goes back over 100 years with the sale of the first Infant Cereals in Egypt. Today, Nestlé operates 24 Food & Beverage factories across the 19 countries of the MENA region; and provides direct employment to more than 14,000 people representing more than 50 nationalities, multiple skills, and backgrounds. Nestlé MENA also provides indirect employment across the region to several thousand more.

Nestlé established several collaborations with local governments, NGOs, authorities, and the private sector, with which it aims to Create Shared Value in areas including nutrition education, Youth empowerment, water stewardship, renewable energy, and recycling. Nestlé actively contributes to society and steps-up relief efforts and community aid as per local needs. Nestlé continually strives to build a business that benefits not the company, but also individuals, communities, the planet and society at large.

Nestlé constantly explores and pushes the boundaries of what is possible with foods, beverages, and nutritional health solutions.

The Nestlé portfolio in the region currently exceeds 60 innovative product brands in a wide range of categories: Dairy, Infant Nutrition, Coffee and Creamers, Confectionery, Bottled Water, Breakfast Cereals, Culinary products, Health Science, and Pet Care, among others. Nestlé NIDO, Nestlé CERELAC, Nestlé NAN, S-26, PROGRESS, NESCAFÉ, NESPRESSO, Bonjorno Café, Coffee-mate, KitKat, MAGGI, Nestlé FITNESS, Nestlé Grain d’Or, Nestlé Pure Life, OPTIFAST, and PURINA Friskies are just some of the brands available in the Middle East and North Africa.

Nestlé in the United Arab Emirates

Nestlé’s regional office for the Middle East and North Africa is based in Dubai South, and the company operates across the Emirates with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Fujairah, and Ras AlKhaimah. Nestlé works with more than 850 customers in the UAE and more than 1,700 retail outlets in the country, including supermarkets and pharmacies. The company locally produces confectionary, dairy, culinary, and coffee, at two food and beverages factories in Dubai and operates two water manufacturing sites, one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. Nestlé employs more than 1,300 people from different parts of the world, while providing indirect employment to hundreds more.

Dubai is also home to the Nestlé Quality Assurance Center, a hub for microbiological and nutritional analysis of food, water, and environment samples serving the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. The Center is certified ISO 17025:2005 and accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) for all analytical Methods.

Nestlé in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomed Nestlé as the first corporation to establish direct sales and distribution operations in the Kingdom in 2011, following more than 55 years of successful presence in the country. Nestlé Saudi Arabia currently has twelve offices and operates seven water factories across the Kingdom, employing more than 5,000 people. The company also manufactures dairy and confectionary products in the country and works locally with more than 2,800 suppliers and over 23,000 retail outlets. In 2022, Nestlé announced an investment plan of SAR 7 billion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over 10 years, that includes cutting edge manufacturing, in addition to research and development programs.

Nestlé in Kuwait

Kuwait has been home to full Nestlé operations since 1996, following the presence of its products in the country since the 1950s. Nestlé currently employs 100 people and provides indirect full-time employment to 250 more. The operation benefits from a 4,000m² high-aisle warehousing facility for optimal distribution.

Nestlé in Qatar

Nestlé established direct operations in Qatar in 2005, following over 30 years of Nestlé product availability in the country. The company today employs nearly 60 talents in the country. A Nestlé Waters factory has also been the leading bottled-water producer and distributor in Qatar since 1999, offering two brands: The local Al Manhal and the international Nestlé Pure Life brand. The factory caters to residential, commercial, and retail outlets, and has more than 40,000 customers. Nestlé works with more than 100 suppliers in Qatar and nearly 80 retail customers in the country covering more than 1,600 outlets, including hypermarkets/supermarkets, wholesale, pharmacies, and groceries.

Nestlé in Bahrain

Nestlé first established direct operations in Bahrain in 2004. The company employs more than 30 people in the Kingdom. Nestlé works with more than 13 customers in Bahrain and more than 1,300 retail customers, including supermarkets and pharmacies through distributors.

Nestlé in Oman

Nestlé first established direct operations in Oman in 2002. The company employs more than 120 people in the Sultanate, 75% of whom are Omani nationals. Nestlé works with more than 85 suppliers in Oman and more than 1,600 retail customers in the country, including supermarkets and pharmacies.

Nestlé in Egypt

For more than 100 years, Nestlé has been present in the homes of Egyptian families. The company wide portfolio includes trusted and loved brands such as Nescafé, Nestlé Pure Life, Nido, Nesquik, Maggi, Kit Kat, Cerelac, and many others. Nestlé employs over 3000 people and provides more than 8000 indirect employments in the country. Nestlé operates three factories in Egypt, one water factory, and two food factories producing local beloved coffee brand Bonjorno, in addition to a wide range of products that includes coffee, infant nutrition, dairy, and food.

Nestlé in Morocco

Nestlé’s heritage in Morocco goes back to 1927, when the first import operations began in the Kingdom. The company today employs more than 420 people at its office food factory in the country and provides indirect employment to 7,500 more. Nestlé has invested more than MAD 630 million in Morocco in the last 10 years and works with more than 70 partner entities to distribute its products across 85,000 retail outlets, grocery shops, pharmacies, and the food service industry. The Nestlé portfolio in Morocco encompasses innovative products in a wide range of categories, with key brands including Nespresso, Nescafé, Nesquik, Chocapic, Cheerios, Gold Corn Flakes, Fitness, NAN, Nido, Nativa, and PreNan.

Nestlé in Algeria

Nestlé products had been available to consumers in Algeria for more than 50 years before the company established its first direct operation in the country in 2005 with the opening of Nestlé Waters Algeria SPA, in the Blida province’s Sidi El Kébir. Since 2010, Nestlé also operates a local food and beverage factory manufacturing dairy and coffee products.

Nestlé employs 400 people at its office and two factories in Algeria and provides indirect employment to 300 more people; and works with 16 partner entities to distribute its products across 50,000 retail outlets, grocery shops, pharmacies, and the food service industry.  

Nestlé in Jordan

Nestlé first established direct operations in Jordan in 1995, providing consumers in cities and rural areas with quality food and beverages, and high quality drinking water. The company employs more than 550 local talents in the Hashemite Kingdom. Nestlé also owns and operates a water factory in Al Husseiniya, which produces trusted brands Ghadeer and Nestlé Pure Life, and where the region’s first fully Nestlé-owned large-scale solar power plant was inaugurated. The company works with more than 270 suppliers in Jordan and has more than 6,300 retail customers in the country, including supermarkets and pharmacies.

Nestlé in Lebanon

The first Nestlé import operation in Lebanon goes back to 1934. Nearly 90 years later, the company today employs more than 400 local talents in the country, operates two water factories and locally manufactures food products through collaborations with reputable Lebanese partners. Nestlé works with more than 300 suppliers in Lebanon and has more than 21,000 customers in the country, including wholesalers, supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, and foodservices.

Nestlé in Palestine

Since 1997, Nestlé has been among the few multinationals carrying out full operations in the West Bank with main office in Bethlehem and additional facilities in Nablus and Ramallah. Nestlé employs a staff of nearly 30 and collaborates with distributors in Gaza.

Nestlé in Iraq

Nestlé Iraq commenced operations in 2005 and established a representative office in Kurdistan Erbil in 2015 to manage its business activities. Nestlé works with two distributors and serves approximately 10,000 customers, offerings diverse products in the Dairy, Infant Nutrition, Coffee, Confectionery, Food, and Breakfast Cereals categories. Nestlé Iraq's team consists of 35 dedicated individuals serving local consumers in the country.

Nestlé in Syria

Since the 1940s, Nestlé products have been part of the lives of Syrian people. Nearly 60 employees continue to do everything possible to provide foods and beverages in Syria to meet the needs of consumers including dairy, infant nutrition, culinary, and coffee mixes. Nestlé has one office in Damascus, with 3 distribution centers across reachable cities and 32 distributors covering more than 12,000 outlets and 10,000 pharmacies. The company also manufactures Culinary, Dairy and Coffee mixes in the country.

During the long years of the war, Nestlé priority remains the safety and security of its employees and ensuring the supply of essential food and beverage.

Nestlé in Yemen

Nestlé has a long history in Yemen, dating back to 1955, since our products were distributed in the country. Nestlé has a branch office in Yemen, employing 13 individuals and provding indirect employment to 700 more working in sales and distribution of Nestlé products across the country. The company is committed to provding much needed food and beverages to meet the needs of the local consumers. Through strong local partnership distributes a range of products across an extensive network of over 11,000 retail outlets, grocery shops, pharmacies, and wholesalers.

Nestlé also operates in Tunisia, Sudan and Libya though distributors, providing local consumers with variety of products including coffee, dairy, breakfast cereals, and infant nutrition.