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Nestlé Center of Excellence Graduates First Batch from Kuwait

Centre of Excellence
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Five Kuwaiti fresh graduates have completed the Nestlé Centre Of Excellence Sales Training Program. The Academy was founded in 2012 in the MENA region to help bridge the skills gap between academic curriculum and corporate expectations.

The fresh graduates underwent two months of fulltime training which included a combination of field experience and “classroom” sessions gained while shadowing Nestlé professionals. The program focused on sales, driving shopper understanding, e-commerce and category-focused activities. The curriculum also included support function overviews such as Supply Chain and Finance as well as the full Value Chain to have a comprehensive understanding of the full sales cycle.

“We’re very happy to be playing a role in helping young Kuwaitis develop their skills to become future leaders in the corporate world,” said Tarek Ksaybati, Nestlé General Business Manager in Kuwait. “Investing in youth is essential for thriving, resilient communities, and it helps build our business too. Young people help drive change at Nestlé – they keep our company dynamic and competitive.”

Part of the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative, which helps equip young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces, the Nestlé Center of Excellence offers training programs in the Middle East and North Africa in Nutrition, Business, and Sales. It has so far trained nearly 250 people, of whom 68 were hired within the company.

Nestlé is committed to supporting the career development of youth in the region, offering various opportunities for learning as well as creating at least 1,000 new jobs for people under 30 years old by 2025.

About Nestlé in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Nestlé’s heritage in the Middle East and North Africa goes back over 100 years with the sale of the first Infant Cereals in Egypt. Today, Nestlé operates 25 Food & Beverage factories across the 19 countries of the MENA region; and provides direct employment to more than 15,000 people who are all committed to Nestlé’s purpose of Enhancing Quality of Life and Contributing to a Healthier Future. Nestlé MENA also provides indirect employment across the region to several thousand more.

The Nestlé portfolio in the region currently exceeds 60 innovative product brands in a wide range of categories: Dairy, Infant Nutrition, Coffee and Creamers, Confectionery, Bottled Water, Breakfast Cereals, Culinary products, Health Science, and Pet Care, among others. Nestlé Nido, Nestlé Cerelac, Nestlé NAN, S-26, Progress, Nescafé, Nespresso, Bonjorno Café, Coffee-mate, KitKat, Maggi, Nestlé Fitness, Nestlé Pure Life, Optifast, and Purina Friskies are just some of the brands available in the Middle East and North Africa.

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