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What is Nesternship?

Step into the world of the largest FMCG company with Nestlé Middle East and North Africa (MENA) exclusive summer internship program. In this internship, you'll be diving into immersive learning experiences designed to provide firsthand insight into the FMCG industry. You will engage in dynamic project-based learning experiences with the guidance of seasoned mentors within your division.

If you want to experience a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in a dynamic corporate environment, Nesternship is the program for you! This program is open for applications in Nestlé Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


  • You learn: Hands-on exposure to impactful real-world projects under the guidance of experienced industry mentors.
  • You earn: A certificate of experience from Nestlé and this program is a paid opportunity.
What are we looking for
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Available functions


Fuel your passion for sales

The Sales track immerses you in real-world experiences to develop practical skills and knowledge:

  • Master the fundamentals of sales from the ground up.
  • A chance to work with your favorite Nestlé brands.
  • Understand consumer behavior through in-person interaction.
  • Develop compelling sales offers and engaging shopper campaigns.
  • Launch your career in sales & marketing with relevant experience.
Supply Chain

Contribute to getting your favorite Nestlé's brands to shelves quickly and reliably.

Do you have a passion for solving operational challenges? Think you can make a real impact on our supply chain? Here’s your chance to work with experienced professionals across our value chain to tackle real-world problems and deliver best practices.

Join our Supply Chain track and gain hands-on experience:

  • Develop analytical and strategic skills to optimize logistics, customer service, and planning
  • Experience diverse roles across offices and distribution centers
  • Tackle real-world challenges in getting products to consumers
  • Play a key role in ensuring our brands reach shelves efficiently
Manufacturing Engineering

See it made, make it happen: Unlock your career in production 

Excited to witness our products come to life? Want to experience the magic at our factories? Our Manufacturing & Engineering track offers you the chance to gain practical experience while contributing to smooth production lines.

Choose this track to:

  • Work on cross-functional projects in Quality, Sustainability, Engineering, and Production
  • Gain valuable factory experience
  • Kickstart your career in production
Corporate Functions

Ready to leverage your expertise and make an impact? 

Our Corporate Functions track offers:

  • Behind-the-scenes insights: Understand the ways of working of the world’s largest FMCG company
  • Real-world problem-solving: Use your expertise to tackle critical challenges and contribute to business success
  • Collaboration Learning: Partner with diverse teams across the organization
  • Skill development: Enhance your problem-solving, communication, teamwork, data analysis, and leadership abilities.

Ready to leverage your expertise and make an impact? 

Build your brand management fundamentals through effective consumer targeting, new product development, consumer insight understanding, impactful creative communication and marketing strategies in developing a successful brand.

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