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Nestlé NESVITA® holds an awareness event on Osteoporosis prevention

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Experts highlight the importance of preventing Osteoporosis through a combination of healthy nutrition, regular physical activity and a generally balanced lifestyle

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 7 February 2010: Several bone health experts from Saudi Arabia participated in an Osteoporosis prevention awareness event held recently at a private hospital in Riyadh. The event was held with the support of Nestlé NESVITA® pro-Bones as part of their regional "Nestlé Strong and Healthy Bones" initiative.

The event aimed at promoting awareness of the importance of preventing Osteoporosis through a combination of healthy nutrition, physical activity and a generally balanced lifestyle. It featured a program of lectures on Osteoporosis; its causes, types, symptoms, diagnostic methods, and most importantly prevention; with notable presentations from Dr. Bassma Al Wahabi, Endocrinologist, Dr. Hanadi Manasfi and Dr. Lina El Kibbi, Rheumatologists.

"Bone tissue development is an accelerated process during childhood and adolescence years, until one hit the age of 30. From there on our calcium levels start to gradually decline leading to bone weakness, and eventually Osteoporosis. Early prevention is the only way to protect our bones from losing their mass," explained Dr. El Kibbi in her lecture.

Dr. El Kibbi advised attendees to eat a healthy daily diet rich in Calcium, minerals and vitamins; major sources of which include fortified milk, dairy products and fresh vegetables. She also recommended regular physical activity to maintain bone mass levels. "A good 20-minute, four times a week brisk walk or weight bearing exercise would do the trick," she said.

Dr. El Kibbi also highlighted the importance of moderate exposure to the sun; a major source of vitamin 'D' which is necessary to help absorb Calcium in the bones. She recommended exposing the face and hands to the sun for 15 minutes, three times a week to get the adequate amount of vitamin 'D'.

The campaign also hosted several Nestlé NESVITA® experts who eagerly answered bone health related questions raised by participating ladies, providing them with educational material and practical tips to maintain strong and healthy bones.

The "Nestlé Strong and Healthy Bones" initiative, launched in 2009 by Nestlé NESVITA® pro-Bones in cooperation with the Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society, supports several similar programs and activities that aim to help the largest possible number of Arab women reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Activities during 2009 covered Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, with many activities planned for 2010 in several other Arab countries.