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Nestlé Joins the Directorate of Forests to Plant Trees in Algeria

Algeria Tree Planting
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Nestlé employees and their families volunteered to plant 600 trees in Algiers’ Bouchaoui and Blida’s Chrea forests, in the presence of the Swiss Ambassador to Algeria, His Excellency Mr. Lukas Rosenkranz, and the Curator of the Directorate of Forests and the Green Belt of the Wilaya of Algiers, with technical assistance from the forest district of Cheraga. The initiative is in line with the country’s reforestation drive which has become particularly important for Algeria following devastating fires in November 2020 that destroyed around 42,000 hectares of forests.

“Private sector contributions to achieve the objectives of the National Reforestation Plan are always welcome,” said the Curator of the Directorate of Forests and the Green Belt of the Wilaya of Algiers. “All efforts to revive and expand our national forests can and will make a difference, and we call on more companies and entities to help with the process.”

"Swiss companies in Algeria have always supported the initiatives and efforts of civil society, particularly when it comes to environmental protection. I am very proud to have taken part in the launch of the reforestation campaign, alongside the employees of Nestlé in Algeria and Algerian authorities," said Rosenkranz.

“Nestlé’s global objective to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 entails numerous actions, including planting hundreds of millions of trees within the next 10 years,” said Patrick Khoriaty, Nestlé General Manager in Algeria. “We are very happy to play whatever part we can in supporting Algeria’s reforestation efforts; as we constantly seek collaboration with the government and other entities to help create shared value for all.”

Algeria’s National Reforestation Plan is a component of Algeria’s National Plan for Agricultural and Rural Development (PNDAR), launched in 2000. Its purpose is to develop land, combat desertification, as well as protect and enhance natural resources in the context of sustainable rural development.

Since 2010, Nestlé has achieved 60% reduction in CO2 emissions at its two factories in Algeria, and 25% reduction in CO2 emissions in logistics and supply chain activities across the MENA region. It also achieved zero waste for disposal at its food manufacturing sites and distribution centers.

As a signatory of the UN 'Business Ambition for 1.5°C' pledge, Nestlé is one of the first companies to have shared its detailed plan, redoubling its efforts to combat climate change. 

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Nestlé products had been available to consumers in Algeria for more than 50 years before the company established its first direct operation in the country in 2005 with the opening of Nestlé Waters Algeria SPA, which includes a water bottling plant for the Nestlé Pure Life brand in the Blida province’s Sidi El Kébir.About Nestlé in Algeria

Nestlé’s presence further expanded in 2010 when Nestlé Algeria SPA was established to directly import and market Nestlé products, and Nestlé Industrie Algérie’s factory was set-up in Oued Smar, manufacturing dairy and coffee products. The factory currently produces Gloria and Nespray Full Cream Milk Powder, Nesquik, and Nescafé 3in1 sticks for both the Algerian and Tunisian markets.

Nestlé today employs 400 people at its office and two factories in Algeria, where it has invested more than $30 million since 2010. It provides indirect employment to 300 more people; and works with 16 partner entities to distribute its products across 50,000 retail outlets, grocery shops, pharmacies, and the food service industry.

Nestlé has established several collaborations with local governments, NGOs, authorities, and the private sector, with which it aims to Create Shared Value in areas including general health, environmental sustainability, and youth career development.

The Nestlé portfolio in Algeria includes innovative products in a wide range of categories: Dairy, Infant Nutrition, Coffee, Bottled Water, and Breakfast Cereals, among others. Gloria, Nespray, Nesquik, Nescafé, Nestlé Cerelac, Nestlé NAN, Nestlé Fitness, Nestlé Lion Cereals, Nestlé Crunch Cereals, Nestlé Gold Corn Flakes Cereals, Nestlé Pure Life, Pure Fizz, and Guigoz are just some of the brands available in the country.