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Nestlé quality management - Dubai International Food Safety Conference

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Nestlé Research experts address regional government and industry representatives on quality control standards and crisis management  

International Nestlé experts have been invited to address hundreds of delegates of regional regulatory and food control bodies, and industry professionals on the company's quality assurance measures at the 4th Dubai International Food Safety Conference, which opened at the Dubai Convention Center this morning.  

The annual program addresses contemporary issues affecting the industry, such as regulatory changes, international policy implementation, food safety management systems, and other important topics. 

"Through our participation, we would like to reinforce the role of the industry as true partners to the regulatory authorities in promoting 'Food Safety and Quality'," said Dr. Hassan Bayrakdar, Corporate Regulatory Affairs Manager, Nestlé Middle East. "It is a good opportunity for Nestlé to contribute our expertise in the field." 

Khalid Sharif Al Awadhi, Conference Chairman and Director of Food Control Department at Dubai Municipality said, "We are pleased to have a multinational company like Nestlé as a partner in organizing this event, which addresses vital food safety issues wherein the food industry plays a very significant role. With varied activities like research, development and risk assessment, Nestlé's expertise would enrich the conference," he noted. 

"Though governments play an important part in ensuring food safety, the ultimate responsibility for investing in the physical and managerial resources that are necessary for implementing appropriate controls lies with the food industry. Working together is the key to preserve public health," Sharif added. 

Nestlé applies a proactive, process-based Quality Management System to ensure safety, compliance and quality of their products across their operations worldwide, according to Johann Grosz, Group Leader in Quality Assurance, NESTEC, Switzerland, and one of the Nestlé experts speaking at the conference. 

"Crisis management is a mandatory process and all markets must prepare for possible crisis scenarios. To manage a crisis, the following main principles must be applied: consumers' health and safety as an absolute priority, strong leadership, quick actions, and clear and transparent communication to all stakeholders," Grosz explained. 

Also speaking at the conference are Dr. Pascal Zbinden, Group Leader in Research and Development Quality and Safety at Nestlé Research Center, Switzerland with a presentation on 'Prevention and Scientific Support to Issues and Crises'; and Dr. Hugh Hose, Quality Manager at Nestlé Professional Beverage Centre, Switzerland on the topic of 'Quality and Safety in Out-of-Home Beverages'. 

Nestlé's "Good Food, Good Life" calling is based on a deep understanding in many areas of nutrition and food sciences conducted at Nestlé Research Center (NRC), one of the world's leading research institutions in food, nutrition and life sciences, where scientific advances are translated into Nutrition, Health, and Wellness products for consumers of all ages and stages of life. 

The conference is organized by the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Water, and is supported by the International Association for Food Protection, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and the regional office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).