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Nestlé Tackles Social, Medical, Environmental Needs Following Beirut Explosion

Nestlé Tackles Social, Medical, Environmental Needs  Following Beirut Explosion

Nestlé continues to support relief efforts in the aftermath of the August 4th Beirut port explosion, impacting more than 5,000 families and supporting rising social, medical and environmental needs in partnership with reputable entities in Lebanon. Collaboration with Beit El Baraka, the Lebanese Food Bank and CaritasLebanon is securing thirty tons of milk for donations; partnership with the Lebanese Food Bank is sourcing local produce for impacted families; donations to Caritas Lebanon are helping refurbish kitchens; and work with entities including arcenciel is boosting debris recycling efforts. This is in addition to providing support to damaged hospital pediatric wards.

This support follows initial urgent relief efforts to help populations in Beirut and its surrounding areas, as well as the global launch of an ongoing Nestlé employees donations matching campaign created in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies specifically to support Beirut explosion victims.

“We remain committed to the people and country we have been a part of for over 85 years,” said Remy Ejel, Nestlé Chairman & CEO Middle East & North Africa. “We continue to contribute to rising needs on various fronts through collaborations with hard-working local entities in Lebanon that are fully invested in community recovery.”

Global Employees Donation Campaign

Globally, the company has partnered with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies to co-fund, one for one, donations from Nestlé employees all over the worldin support of the Lebanese Red Cross’ specific relief initiatives for the population in Beirut and surrounding areas. Through this initiative, CHF 100,000 (USD 110,000) have been secured.

Food & Beverage Support for Impacted Families

Nestlé is collaborating with the Lebanese Food Bank on sourcing produce, including olive oil, lentils, chickpeas, and jams, directly from 60 Lebanese farms to support 2,600 impacted families. It is also securing 30 tons of milk with the aim of providing more than 100,000 servings to more than 2,000 families in need, in partnership with Beit El Baraka, the Lebanese Food Bank, and Caritas Lebanon.

Ongoing Grassroot Support

Nestlé continues supporting families in the most impacted streets of Gemmayze, Karantina, Mar Mikhael, and the port area, providing food and beverages, and 130,000 liters of water to date to volunteers in the field and to families who lost their homes, and opening its hotline for water requests.

Rebuilding Hospitals

The company is also working directly with impacted hospitals in Achrafieh, helping rebuild and refurbish pediatric wards by providing medical equipment that enhance scientific offerings and improve medical care for the benefit of people in Lebanon.

Recycling Glass Debris

On the environmental front, Nestlé is partnering with several entities including arcenciel and Development Inc. to support the collection and recycling of glass debris, with the objective of integrating it into building material. On average, nearly 40 tons are being collected every day.

Rebuilding Kitchens

In addition, new stoves and refrigerators are being provided, in a collaboration with Caritas Lebanon, to support the rehabilitation of more than 60 kitchens in affected homes so families are able to cook and have access to safe food.

Impacted company employees in Lebanon are also being offered a financial contribution to help repair their homes; and being extended emergency loans if needed. Overall, Nestlé relief efforts to families, communities, and employees in Lebanon total more than USD 1 million.

About Nestlé in Lebanon

Lebanon was home to Nestlé’s first import operation in the Middle East, established in 1934. Over 85 years later, the company today operates two water factories and employs more than 600 local talents in the country. Nestlé works with more than 300 suppliers in Lebanon and has more than 17,800 customers in the country, including wholesalers, supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, and foodservices.

Nestlé has also established several collaborations with authorities, NGOs, and the private sector, with which it aims to Create Shared Value in areas including nutrition education, water conservation, water access, and recycling.