Commitment to local communities

As an integral part of the communities we operate in, Nestlé teams up with various organizations in the Middle East to provide aid, relief, support and material needs to places damaged by war and natural disasters. We also work with NGOs and charitable institutions to help children suffering from various illnesses, as well as children separated from their parents due to tragedies.

Recent social development programs we have participated in include the Dubai Cares charitable campaign, wherein we contributed to the building of two schools for 1,000 students. We also supported the cause of women's participation in the economic growth of the region, under the aegis of Dubai World and FORSA.

In support of cultural preservation, Nestlé contributed to the restoration of historical sites in Syria, such as the Damascus Citadel.

In appreciation of our humanitarian efforts to war-ravaged regions of Lebanon, where Nestlé provided food and shelter for the needy, we were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Nestlé in the Middle East also joined hands with numerous government organizations to play an active role in rebuilding regions of Oman adversely affected during Cyclone Gonu in June 2007.