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Why Nestlé

Enhancing Lives

Our commitment to enhance the quality of life everywhere and contributing to a healthier future, every day is as strong today as it was when we began our business. As the world’s largest food and beverage company, our brands ear our consumers’ trust by delivering tastier and healthier choices at every stage in their lives. Today, nutrition, quality, taste and a responsible way of working enable us to create long-term sustainable value for our consumers, for our communities and for our shareholders. Enhancing lives will shape everything we do together. The impact that you have locally has the potential to be felt internationally; the ideas that you bring to life today could shape our future. All of which means you will need to share our sense of responsibility for the lives we touch.

A Fulfilling Work Environment

Fulfilled employees create satisfied consumers. This simple belief has inspired us to create an environment that puts the emphasis on individual responsibility, opportunity and autonomy. We combine the scope and brand strength of a global company with the creativity and knowledge of a local business. As a result you can have a far-reaching influence every day and explore your full long-term potential, propelled by continual support and a collaborative approach. With the drive and desire to exceed your limits, you also have access to a wealth of opportunities. True fulfillment, however, comes from making your own opportunities – through your ideas, energy and expertise.

People Inspired

We believe in inspiring lives and increasing well-being – all of which begins with our people. So we put people before systems, and integrity before everything. Our values shape the standards we expect from our employees and the experience we offer our customers. With a presence across the world, we have a diverse, truly global environment that brings new perspectives to every challenge and opportunity. As a result, you can gain an incredibly broad spectrum of experiences and outlooks, learning from exceptional people in a huge range of professions. Collaboration across teams, territories and continents is our way of life.

Personal and Professional Growth

We support and encourage our people to grow in more than one dimension, to achieve all they can be both professionally and personally. Lasting satisfaction is about combining the intellectual, the emotional, the personal and the social. As such we give people the chance to contribute every day while making an impact long-term, and to grow as individuals while supporting a wider team. Nothing stands still for long in Nestlé, least of all employees who have the vision, desire and ability to grow – as colleagues and as people.