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Why work at Nestlé?

Why work at Nestlé?

Nestlé gives its employees the chance to shine while being part of something outstanding! The Aim, the Stimulating Career Journey, the Diversity & Inclusion and surely the Challenge are but a few things that makes it a compelling organization to work in.

The Aim

As the world’s largest food and beverage company, we are driven by one rich and significant aim which is a commitment to enhance people’s lives through both good food and beverages. Our aim is to ensure that we are creating sustainable and long term value for all stakeholders involved; our consumers, our people and our communities.

The Stimulating Career Journey

Nestlé is a People Inspired organization as emphasized in our Corporate Business Principles! We aim to recruit competent and motivated people who respect our values and are looking for a long term enriching career. We encourage individual responsibility, opportunity and autonomy. We offer professional growth through continuous on the job development and a fast paced environment that will stretch and build your expertise daily. We will support your personal growth with a team-focused mindset, good people practices and a supportive working environment.

The Diversity and Inclusion

Nestlé’s code of business conduct is built on the foundations of “Mutual respect, trust and transparency in relating to one another and encouraging open communication & cooperation”. In NME; a market of 13 countries, with over 70 different nationalities and 30 different languages spoken, we can proudly say we are a market that celebrates and prides its diversity! This means we can acquire a broad range of experiences and outlooks and learn from exceptionally unique people. We work across teams, territories and continents with a chance to acquire experiences through local, market, zone and global initiatives.

The Challenge

Nestlé aims to care for and develop its people and to provide equal opportunities for development and advancement; however it’s very important to remember that the individual challenge stands! Each of us needs to do their level best to excel by sharing our passion for enhancing lives, delivering high levels of individual and team performance, living up to our exemplary standards of integrity, honesty and fair dealing and last but not least taking ownership of our future. Once we do this, we will discover that our brands, our focus on growth and our size will provide us with a unique career environment for experienced and driven professionals from all angles.