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Portion guidance

Our commitment: Provide Portion Guidance for consumers

We want to provide consumers with user-friendly information rather than abstract dietary recommendations. Through our portion guidance efforts, we aim to help reframe portion norms, especially in energy-dense foods and beverages where regular servings may have increased over time.

Our objectives

By 2015: Provide Portion Guidance on all children’s and family products to encourage healthier portion consumption.

By 2016: Promote healthy portion consumption by deploying our Portion Guidance programme on 100% of our children’s and family products, and complement it with guidance in our recipe websites and nutrition education programmes.

Our progress

Nestlé Portion Guidance is a voluntary initiative designed to bridge international dietary recommendations (e.g. in the form of food guides) and nutrition labelling regulations. This guidance is presented through a variety of consumer-engaging ways: product form, pack design, clear illustrations and, occasionally, a serving device or dispensing machine.

Children’s and family products with specific Portion Guidance

Chart Image
Year 2014 2015
Progress 30.2% 63.3%

In 2015, 63.3% of children’s and family products had specific Portion Guidance. And on products that have a significant impact on the overall diet of children, such as recurring choices and more indulgent foods, 76.9% provided Portion Guidance. Many labels of important categories, such as breakfast cereals and pizza, had also been redesigned at the end of 2015 and the new packs will arrive in stores in the first half of 2016. We are not only committed to implementing Portion Guidance across our relevant portfolio, but also in our communications to consumers, as we continue our work into 2016.

Redesigning the labels is also allowing us to greatly progress on our target for 90% of the Maggi product portfolio to promote home cooking and meals with vegetables.