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Healthy hydration

Our commitment: Promote healthy hydration as part of a healthy lifestyle

Our commitment: Promote healthy hydration as part of a healthy lifestyle

As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, it is important that individuals remain hydrated and be mindful of what they drink. Studies have shown that what you drink is as decisive as what you eat, when it comes to the development of obesity and obesity-related diseases. Nestlé believes that drinking plain water is as important to a healthy lifestyle as what you eat and how often you exercise.

Our objectives

By 2015: Further collaborate with governments, NGOs, academics, industry worldwide to provide a better understanding of the benefits of water as a key to healthy hydration.

By 2015: Define a Healthy Hydration Roadmap that will drive our strategy and performance as of 2016 and beyond.

Our progress

We are committed to encouraging debate between public and private partners. The San Pellegrino Group held a hydration conference during the Milan Expo 2015 in Italy, focusing on the hidden link between hydration and health and the first Manifesto of Hydration.

In addition, we continue to promote healthy hydration through long-term programmes and partnerships, such as the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme, which include a healthy hydration component.

We are currently developing further objectives that reflect our strategy to put more focus on water consumption in public health, which will be announced in 2016.