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Why is there lead in Maggi noodles?

Lead occurs in the earth’s crust and is present in air, soil and dust. The CODEX Alimentarius standards are a key reference for Nestlé. We test lead levels in our raw materials and source ingredients from regions with the lowest levels of lead.

The authorities have also set firm limits to ensure that any lead present in a finished product is within recommended food safety levels and safe to consume.

We regularly monitor all our raw materials for lead, including testing by accredited laboratories. These tests have consistently shown lead in Maggi noodles to be within safe limits. In addition to testing both raw materials and finished products for lead, we carry out extensive research on lead and contribute to global efforts to assure safety in this area.

Food safety is Nestlé’s number one priority. We do more food testing than any other entity in the world and have many stringent controls to guarantee safety: starting from the raw materials we use, throughout processing to packaging. We adhere to the same quality standards wherever in the world we operate.

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