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Food safety at Nestlé: in India and around the world

Food safety is Nestlé’s number one priority.

We do more food testing than any other entity in the world. In total, around 100 million analyses a year are carried out for Nestlé and we have 8,000 people working to assure quality and food safety in our products worldwide. 

We have many stringent, inbuilt controls to guarantee safety, from raw material selection to processing and packaging. 

In fact our approach to food safety has now evolved from looking for defects in finished products to trying to identify their root cause as early as possible in the supply chain, so that we can understand it and prevent it. As part of this new approach, we have developed an early warning system to help us pinpoint signals that may turn into issues.

We also use highly sophisticated technology to rapidly test for a wide range of microorganisms and substances that are harmful to human health. In 2013 we opened the most advanced laboratories of their kind in the industry to study food borne pathogens and help us respond to emerging risks.

We have the same rigorous approach to food safety in India that we have everywhere else.

We have 300 people working to ensure quality and food safety in our products in India. We have nine laboratories dedicated to quality assurance and also work with two more external laboratories for independent analysis.

Adhering to Nestlé’s rigorous quality policies and testing protocol, these 11 laboratories test the raw materials used in our products as well as the finished product to ensure food safety.

Read more about how Nestlé ensures safe food (pdf, 400Kb)