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Official celebration of Nestlé’s 150 Years in Switzerland

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Vevey, Switzerland

Nestlé today inaugurated its new discovery centre, nest, with festivities organised in Switzerland for its 150th anniversary. The President of the Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Ammann, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, and Nestlé’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Bulcke, were all present, surrounded by more than 250 personalities from Swiss politics, economics, and culture.

Located in the historic district of Vevey where Henri Nestlé invented his ‘farine lactée’ and established his first production plant, this new high place of Swiss cultural life will allow visitors to get acquainted with Nestlé and its authentic past, but also to openly explore current food challenges and experience a passionate vision of nutrition in a fun and interactive way. Construction of nest was started 3 years ago and brought together the expertise of historians, architects and designers under the direction of Catherine Saurais. nest will open to the public on June 15.

The event will continue on the quays of Vevey with the reopening ceremony of the Alimentarium Museum of Food, a Nestlé foundation. In continuation of its commitment to food for 30 years, the new museum will become a global centre of excellence in nutrition. Completely renovated, it continues to be a pioneer by promoting new modes of learning, sharing and education through digital technologies. The Alimentarium also provides a new range of activities for children and families, as well as a space dedicated to professional chefs. It will open to the public on June 4 during an open house weekend.

The day will end at the Jenisch Museum in Vevey, which has set up an exhibit presenting the Nestlé Art Collection in celebration of the 150 Years of Nestlé. Created under the leadership of Swiss architect Jean Tschumi, designer of Nestlé's global headquarters in Vevey inaugurated in 1960, the Nestlé Art Collection has now become one of the largest cultural and heritage treasures in the region. Guests will discover a selection of a hundred works among some of the 300 pieces that make up the collection. On this occasion, the Nestlé Art Foundation, which celebrates its 25th year of promoting Swiss young designers, will unveil an installation by L’Atelier Oï, La Neuveville, in the garden of the Museum. The exhibit will have its grand opening in the late afternoon and welcome the public from June 3 until October 2.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nestlé: “nest fully expresses the vision we have of our company: a human company, transparent, which assumes its responsibility and keeps its leadership in creating value for its shareholders as well as for all the people in the countries in which we operate.”

Paul Bulcke: Nestlé’s Chief Executive Officer: “nest is a return home, the nest, in the first Nestlé factory. It is also a place dedicated to culture, knowledge and pleasure, where we share our passion for nutrition and values with the rest of the world.”

Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation: “Switzerland is proud to host a company like Nestlé. Dynamic and ambitious, it has a global vision, but remains firmly rooted in our country.”