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204 Palestinian Women Said Yes to Strong and Healthy Bones

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Nestlé NESVITA® sponsored educational camps of the Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society concluded

Dubai, UAE - 13 December 2009: 204 Palestinian women in four districts around the West Bank turned up for the three-day educational camps organized by the Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society (POPS) on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day last October. The camps were held with the support of Nestlé NESVITA® pro-Bones as part of the region-wide "Nestlé Strong and Healthy Bones" initiative.

Women from Beitlehem, Jenin, Hebron and Tulkarem were empowered to take charge of their - and their families' - bone health through intensive awareness and training activities on balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyles and exercises that can help prevent bone disease, in addition to proper management of home accidents and falls. The camps concluded with a big ceremony for all participants, where they were treated to a calcium-rich lunch, recreational activities and group physical exercises, in addition to a quiz session and awards.

"I'm very happy at the success our project achieved this year," said Dr. Elias Saba, President of the Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society. "The camps were very fruitful and beneficial in raising much-needed awareness about bone health among participating women. They were all interested and eager to learn, and most of them expressed willingness to join the POPS network to continue receiving information on upcoming activities."

The POPS educational camps were organized in line with extensive regional efforts encouraged by the Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society, and empowered by Nestlé NESVITA® pro-Bones.