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Probiotics in pediatric nutrition in Nestlé Nutrition hosted lecture

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International research reinforces the importance of Probiotics in a child's nutrition for immune protection

More than 400 pediatricians in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai recently attended an international lecture on Probiotics, their implications on advancement in pediatric nutrition and their role in immune protection. The lecture was hosted by Nestlé Nutrition, as part of their continuous efforts to bring the latest in international nutritional science to health professionals in the region. 

Presenting her research on the topic was Prof. Erika Isolauri, the widely known researcher in the field of Pediatrics and author of 343 scientific publications, with an established expertise in the areas of Nutrition and Immunology. 

According to Prof. Isolauri, the role of diet in health has changed as the scientific knowledge increased. Her research is based predominantly on how Probiotics help boost children's natural body defenses. 

Probiotics which literally means "Pro Life" are living cultures used in food, offering digestive system and immune benefits to the body. The role of Probiotics is important in a child's initial life for immune protection and healthy digestive system, as per Prof. Isolauri. This is confirmed by the latest scientific research showing presence of Probiotics in breast milk. 

"Probiotics in early nutrition have been demonstrated to help reinforce a naturally sound immune system and also reduces the risk of allergic diseases which may manifest in early age as skin rash, asthma or in extreme cases vomiting. Probiotics help the digestive tract stop harmful bacteria and further boosts natural defenses by stimulating intestinal immune responses," Prof. Isolauri explained. 

As the child grows up and starts to interact more with his surroundings, he is more exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses. It is important to help him naturally maintain strong immune functions by including Probiotics in his diet. Daily intake of foods that contain Probiotics is recommended by experts to help maintain the healthy balance of digestive system, and hence maintain their effective protective functions. 

Future Probiotic research will continue to look into better nutritional management and risk reduction of allergic disease, according to Prof. Isolauri. There is good scientific proof of the effect of Probiotics on boosting natural immunity, and therefore it is important to include foods that contain these important nutrients in the daily diet of children at an early age to help maintain their strong natural body defenses, and thus reduce the risks of allergic diseases.