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Multi-sectorial Partnership Helping Lebanon’s Shouf Biosphere Reserve

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Beirut, Lebanon


Multi-sectorial partnership is beginning to help Lebanon’s Shouf Biosphere Reserve (SBR) successfully enhance the recharge of groundwater reservoirs in the area during the October-May rainy season, using retaining walls and terraces that increase water infiltration, among other tools, to reduce the impact of summer droughts.

The development, announced around World Water Day on March 22nd, follows results from the “Groundwater Assessment of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve-Lebanon” study done in collaboration with Nestlé Waters, which in 2017 found the area’s overall groundwater balance to be positive by around 12 million cubic meters per year, while detecting important seasonal water fluctuations as well as high impact stemming from climate change and human activities.

A steering committee including representatives from the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, the ministries of Water & Energy, Environment, and Agriculture, municipalities, representatives of local agriculture cooperatives, local water authorities, concerned NGOs, the private sector, and others is set to hold its first meeting in April 2019 to decide on additional actions to further improve sustainable water management in the area.

“A full action plan recommended by the study results’ authors has been underway, aiming to improve the quantity and quality of water supply in the area,” explained Assaad Saadeh, Water Resources & Environmental Sustainability Manager in the Middle East and Africa at Nestlé Waters. “We are essentially implementing a pilot project with the collaboration of the SBR team and other stakeholders which can be replicated in other water basins around the country, and serve as a model to improve local water resources management.”

“We at Nestlé Waters advocate for effective water stewardship and are very happy to bring in our international expertise in water management for the benefit of local communities,” he added.

“Our collaboration with the Shouf Biosphere Reserve is evidence of our commitment to create social and environmental value by ensuring integrated water resources management of the watershed.”

Nestlé Waters is hosting Knowledge Sharing events with local stakeholders in all of its sites around the world to celebrate World Water Day in 2019, including in Lebanon where children are being invited to learn about water stewardship in Ain Zhalta and near Tyre. More than 18,000 children have been reached through these annual activities over the past nine years.

In addition to engaging with local communities, the knowledge sharing sessions are also in line with Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification standard, which the company committed to certifying all its sites with by 2025. The global standard helps major water users to better understand the impact of their activities, and to work together with other stakeholders on the sustainable management of shared water resources

More on the Groundwater Assessment of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve-Lebanon study

The “Groundwater assessment of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve-Lebanon” study is the fruit of a 2015 Memorandum of Understanding between Nestlé Waters and the Shouf Biosphere Reserve.

Launched in 2016, its key objective was to assess the water resources of the area extending over Lebanon’s western mountain chain from Mount Kneisseh in the North, to mount Niha in the South – one of the most plentiful freshwater-generating hotspots in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The study was implemented by leading water and environmental management consultancy ANTEA Group.

For more information, please contact:

Lynn Al Khatib
Media Relations Manager, Nestlé Middle East
[email protected]