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Nestlé Offers US $50,000 For Tackling Vitamin D Deficiencies

Nestlé looking for startups to develop simple & economic daily vitamin D checking tool, and advice App that also tracks results
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Nestlé Middle East is aiming to further combat rampant vitamin D deficiencies across the region through an open invitation on the HENRi@Nestlé platform, offering US$50,000 to the winning applicant who develops a simple and economic method for checking daily levels, and creates an app that stores results and provides professional advice on how to improve them.

Applications will be received on until March 17th.

“We are seeking innovative ideas from anyone who can devise practical solutions to a health issue that impacts everyone living in the region and countless others around the world,” said Florence Henry, Business Executive Officer at Nestlé Middle East. “The initiative is driven by the Nestlé NIDO brand, in line with its purpose of nurturing a healthier future.”

Despite plenty of sunshine, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region suffers from high rates of vitamin D deficiency, leading to Rickets, a condition that causes weak or soft bones; Osteopenia, characterized by low mineral density; and Osteoporosis, where bones are weakened, making them fragile and more likely to break.

In Saudi Arabia for example, nearly 9,000 people suffer femoral fractures yearly at a cost of $1.14 billion. Hip fractures in Lebanon occur at a younger age compared to Western populations, and 60% of patients with hip fractures have osteopenia rather than osteoporosis.

“At Nestlé, we are looking to address the issue with permanent solutions, which will include developing a product portfolio that delivers the ideal daily amount of vitamin D, calcium, phosphate and other relevant nutrition,” added Henry. “We will also be launching a long term, scientific health study of vitamin D deficiency in MENA.”

About HENRi@Nestlé

HENRi@Nestlé is an open innovation platform where Nestlé seeks partners to create innovative, high-potential solutions in response to various challenges. The platform is part of a wider group of innovation initiatives at Nestlé known as NEXT. It is named after Nestlé founder Henri Nestlé, a pioneer and entrepreneur who was motivated by the challenges and the needs of the society he was living in.

The HENRi platform offers real business opportunities to collaborate with Nestlé on product innovation, sustainability initiatives, creative brand campaigns and more. Those selected receive $50,000 and senior business support to fund pilots to bring their products and ideas to individuals and families. Visit to start working on projects that matter.

For more information, please contact:

Lynn Al Khatib
Media Relations Manager, Nestlé Middle East
+971 (4) 807 9411
Email: [email protected]