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Indulge your sweet tooth without compromising on your waist line

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Nestlé Fitness & Chocolate combines the benefits of whole grain with a treat for your senses


Who said you couldn't have chocolate for breakfast? Nestlé Cereals have recently introduced their delectable Fitness & Chocolate whole grain cereals, which is good news for women seeking healthy yet delightful breakfast options. 

Nestlé Fitness & Chocolate is made of the original tasty whole grain Fitness flakes, mixed with flakes coated in deliciously indulgent milk chocolate that elevates your senses without compromising on your waistline.


Nestlé Fitness whole grain cereals offers those watching their weight a delicious, healthy and nutritious breakfast when consumed with skimmed milk, according to Lynn Al Khatib, Nutritionist at Nestlé Middle East. "Rich in essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals, it offers a tasty and healthy low-fat breakfast choice. Fitness & Chocolate provides you with the right energy to start an active day and, as part of a healthy diet, helps you maintain a lean figure," said Al Khatib. 

A common misconception amongst dieters and those watching their weight is that they will be 'saving calories' by skipping breakfast. According to Sarah Richards, Nutritionist at Nestlé Cereals Switzerland, research shows a strong association between breakfast consumption and healthy weight. 

"Breakfast helps to wake the body up and kick start the metabolism after a long night's fast, and a higher metabolism naturally leads to higher calorie burning capacity of the body. In general, breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than those who skip breakfast," she explained. 

What could be better than kick starting metabolism in the morning with a delightful, nutritionally rich, low fat bowl of Fitness & Chocolate?