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Have a Break, Make it Dark

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KIT KAT® introduces its dark chocolate counterpart across the Middle East

Dubai, UAE - 8 October 2009: KIT KAT® lovers have a reason to be excited as the new KIT KAT® DARK makes its grand entrance to the region.

The perfect combination of high quality dark chocolate and wafer, the newly available KIT KAT® DARK is made with the finest cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast and Papua New Guinea.

Dark chocolate has been gaining popularity in recent times as the advantages of consuming it come to light. "Indulging moderately in dark chocolate, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, has been proven to provide some health benefits," said Lynn Al Khatib, Nutritionist, Nestlé Middle East. "Dark chocolate is a rich source of Flavonoids; a type of antioxidants that helps promote heart health. Antioxidants generally help prevent cell damage and are thereby known to play a role in promoting overall body health. "

The involving ritual of having a break and savoring KIT KAT® is one that has been enjoyed for more than 70 years. KIT KAT® DARK offers a chance to disengage and have a break in a new more sophisticated way.

"Chocolate lovers in the Middle East have created the fourth largest market for KIT KAT® in the world," said Philip Hobeika, Group Product Manager, Nestlé Confectionery.  "The introduction of KIT KAT® DARK is a natural next step in the quest to find new and exciting ways to take KIT KAT® breaks," he added.

KIT KAT® DARK is currently available across the region. For a more satisfying break, go out and get your hands on them!