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Breakfast Just Got Better With Nestlé Fitness Honey & Almond

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Nestlé Fitness combines a light breakfast with the goodness and sweet taste of Honey & Almond for an even better start to the day

Nestlé Cereals has proved that breakfast can have a sweet yet healthy start, with the introduction of their new variation of Nestlé Fitness Honey & Almond. And even better news is that introduction to the Fitness family further illustrates that a healthy and sweet start to the day is actually better for getting your line and keeping it. 

Nestlé Fitness Honey & Almond is made of the original tasty whole grain Fitness flakes coated in a gorgeous honey and almond mixture that will stimulate your senses without punishing your waistline.


According to Lynn Al Khatib, Nutritionist at Nestlé Middle East, the whole grain cereals in Nestlé Fitness offers those keeping an eye on their weight a tasty yet healthy and nutritious breakfast, when consumed with skimmed milk. 

"Nestlé Fitness Honey & Almond, like other members of the Fitness family is full of fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and when eaten in the morning makes a genuinely healthy start to the day. It's important for people to move away from skipping breakfast because it is exceptionally unhealthy and actually hinders weight control. It is quite likely that people would add on weight because their metabolism would work a lot slower without the kick-start they receive when they have breakfast," says Al Khatib. 

Sarah Richards, Nutritionist at Nestlé Cereals Switzerland also points out that research shows a link between breakfast consumption and healthy weight. 

"Breakfast helps to wake the body up and kick start the metabolism, and a higher metabolism naturally leads to higher calorie burning capacity of the body," she adds. 

So good news for fans of Nestlé Fitness in the UAE; with the sweet crunchy taste of Honey & Almond, breakfast just got even better!