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Youth Initiative FAQs

1. Why are we giving so much attention to the Youth? What is Nestlé’s Youth Initiative based on?

Did you know that 27% of the Youth in the Middle East are unemployed? The Nestlé Youth Initiative is to help young people develop skills and become more employable. It aims to develop young talent and help tackle the youth unemployment crisis.

The Nestlé Youth Initiative is based on four pillars:

a. Providing “Readiness for work” programs delivered at universities such as interview training, CV clinics, job market tips etc.

b. Providing internship and training opportunities across Nestlé sites and in the factories.

c. Partnering with nonprofit organizations and companies who share the same objective and creating a bigger impact

d. Hiring people below 30 across various functions who fit the qualifications.

2. What does it mean for those employed at Nestlé who are above the age of 30?

We are a young market! One third of our employees are below 30 years old. Our main focus for the Youth Initiative is to foster employability and contribute to society by providing support for the Youth. It will help Nestlé identify and attract talent at an early stage of their career.

3. If we are targeting the Youth for our vacancies, does that mean those who are 30 years old and above cannot apply to Nestlé?

Of course they can! We fill our vacancies based on educational requirements, relevant working experience, and behavioral competencies. We have many vacancies in different fields and our job descriptions allow the applicants to identify if they have the skills needed for the role. If applicants fit the requirements and have the passion, they can visit our career website and apply!

4. Since the Youth Initiative is one of the main priorities at Nestlé, does that mean career development and growth will only focus on employees who are part of the Youth category?

Definitely no, there is no discrimination at Nestlé’s future career progression. In fact, all employees are expected to manage their own career development and take the ultimate responsibility for their career path. Employees are coached and empowered by their line managers on their career journey. Last but not least, the performance and potential of all our employees is discussed by leadership teams to facilitate career development.

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The "Alliance for YOUth": With our business partners, we’re building an Alliance for Youth Employment. This opens up even more work opportunities for you at our partners’ companies, in sectors ranging from logistics and administration to production and services. Please have a look at the All4YOUth Facebook page to know more about our opportunities.

Further questions on the Youth Employment Initiative?

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