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Whole grains and vegetables

Our commitment: Encourage consumption of whole grains and vegetables

Our commitment: Encourage consumption of whole grains and vegetables

Whole grains and vegetables are a key part of a balanced diet, as they are excellent sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Through our food and beverage offerings, as well as community activities, Nestlé aims to promote the consumption of both these food groups.

Our objectives

By 2015: To ensure a high nutritional content, there will be more whole grain than any other ingredient in any serving of children’s or teenagers’ breakfast cereals.

By 2015: Maggi Cooking Lesson Programme will be ongoing in 30 countries to promote cooking with whole grains and vegetables.

By 2015: 90% of Maggi product portfolio worldwide will be promoting home cooking and meals with vegetables.

Our progress

Through our Cereal Partners Worldwide joint venture, we are working to increase the levels of whole grain in our breakfast cereals for children and teenagers. In 2015, we began applying a new, more stringent standard for classifying whole grain as the main ingredient. Under this new standard, 85% of our kids and teens products have achieved our objective for whole grains. We will continue our work in 2016 on the remaining 15% to ensure that these too meet our high standards.

By the end of 2015, we achieved our objective to launch the Maggi Cooking Lesson Programme in 32 countries. We have implemented a renovation project to increase the use of familiar and recognisable ingredients in our Maggi portfolio. This requires changes to our packaging, which has delayed us from meeting our target for 90% of the Maggi product portfolio to promote home cooking and meals with vegetables. We continue to work on achieving this objective through the next year by merging it with our work on portion guidance.