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Product innovation

More nutritious food and beverages for children and families

Every year, we sell over 360 billion servings of foods and beverages in 189 countries around the world. To ensure our brands support healthier lifestyles, we have made forward-looking commitments to reduce sodium, sugars and saturated fats, and add healthy ingredients like fibre- rich grains, vegetables and micronutrients to our foods and beverages across all categories.

In 2017, we have launched over 1000 new products which meet the nutritional needs of children. In the same year, we provided over 174 billion servings of fortified foods and beverages in countries where people lack vital micronutrients such as iodine or iron.

Ensuring our products are both nutritious and tasty can be challenging. With both the passion of our employees and our industry-leading innovation, we are focusing our efforts on delivering even more nutritious food and beverages for children and families.