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How to plan nutritious breakfast meals

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Mothers inspired in an interactive course on breakfast essentials for the first time in the region by Nestlé Breakfast Cereals

Dubai, UAE - 1 November 2009: Mothers are in for an inspirational knowledge course with the introduction of the "Nestlé Breakfast Academy", an interactive course just launched in the region for the first time.

The first "Nestlé Breakfast Academy" course took place in Abu Dhabi on October 31st, delivered by Wafaa Helmi Ayesh, Head of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics at Rashid Hospital, Dubai, and attended by 70 mothers. The program will be rolled out across the Middle East throughout the coming months.

The "Nestlé Breakfast Academy" course has been devised by Nestlé nutritionists, in accordance with internationally approved nutritional recommendations, to help empower mothers around the region with practical knowledge on planning nutritious breakfast meals for the whole family, to help achieve healthy growth, optimal performance, healthy weight and general wellness. The initiative comes in line with the continuous efforts of Nestlé to spread principles of Nutrition, Health and Wellness through encouraging good nutritional habits and promoting healthy and balanced lifestyles.

According to studies, breakfast is crucial because it helps kick start the body metabolism, provides energy for better mental and physical performance and controls the appetite. More significantly, research shows that essential nutrients missed at breakfast are less likely to be compensated for during the other meals of the day.

"For children, a nutritious breakfast should offer all the essential macro and micro-nutrients such as healthy complex carbohydrates which help restore the sugar levels in the body and provide energy, and the high quality proteins which are building blocks of the body. As well, breakfast is a key meal to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Iron, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C," says Karine Janho, Nutritionist, Nestlé Middle East and course organizer. "We provide extensive information on this and more at the Nestlé Breakfast Academy course."

"Our course will also tackle the importance of the breakfast meal to adults. By eating a healthy breakfast, moms will not only encourage their children to follow suit, but will also gain the benefits of improved energy levels, better metabolism and healthy body weight maintenance. The course is a great opportunity for mothers to discuss such healthy weight management ideas with nutritionists," adds Janho.

In addition to insightful nutritional information and interactive exercises, the "Nestlé Breakfast Academy" course will provide mothers with hands-on tips and tools to ensure breakfast is never underestimated or skipped in their households thereafter!

A good breakfast option that contains all the essential nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals which is also easy to prepare is whole grain fortified cereals consumed with milk; such as the wide range offered by Nestlé Breakfast Cereals.

Interestingly, one bowl of Nestlé Breakfast Cereals, NESQUIK® or CHOCAPIC®, with milk provides at least 25% of the recommended daily intake for 8 vitamins, iron and calcium, according to Janho. Similarly, a bowl of FITNESS® with skimmed milk provides up to 25% of women's daily iron needs, in addition to other vitamins, minerals and fiber yet it is low on calories.

The "Nestlé Breakfast Academy" course will cover several Arab countries in the coming months. Moms are invited to sign up for the complimentary course by contacting Nestlé Middle East on [email protected] .