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Chocolate, chocolate everywhere… and many treats to grab!

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Nestlé treats chocolate lovers to a choco fest at Choco Villa in Dubai Festival City   

Living in a house of chocolate is a dream you can now experience at Choco Villa, one of Dubai Summer Surprises events that have been attracting chocolate daydreamers at Dubai Festival City since Saturday.  
What looks like a fairytale house from a distance is far more than a feast for the eyes and senses. At the Choco Villa, you can also try Nestlé chocolate, and get some insight into the world of chocolate making.  

Once in, you will be ushered into a chocolate decorated library, where you can watch a short documentary about the art of making chocolate among artistic pieces of books, and a table made out of NESTLÉ GOLD. There you can also check out historical photographs of NESTLÉ factories throughout the years. 

After your visit to the library, you will be directed to the kitchen, where Chef Charbel Akiki will be demonstrating ways you can use NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk with NESTLÉ GOLD chocolate in delicious recipes you can try and brag about! 

Afterwards you will be invited to a fun break in the living room which is accessorized with mouthwatering KIT KAT lamps and cushions, SMARTIES paintings and vases, among other delights. 

Chocolate in bed? How about a whole bed designed with NESQUIK cereals, a dresser decorated with colorful SMARTIES and sculpted chocolate jewellery boxes? A painter also demonstrates a live show on how to create beautiful paintings on canvas using MILO liquid chocolate. 

After the magical experience in Choco Villa, you get a final treat at the backyard by tasting melted NESTLÉ GOLD chocolate from fountains where you can dip marshmallows and share mini treats from nearby trees of MACKINTOSH'S QUALITY STREET with your family and friends, with a sip of MILO chocolate drink... all under lights of GOLD. 

The Choco Villa is receiving chocolate lovers at Dubai Festival City until August 14th. Treat yourself to Nestlé's chocolate goodies while they last!