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A Healthy Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

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Nestlé Fitness whole grain cereal with milk is an ideal low-fat breakfast choice 

Healthy breakfast along with daily activity is strongly associated to efficient weight loss, according to experts. 

Women nowadays are keener on attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight that helps them lead a dynamic life full of vitality. However, a lot of misconceptions related to the proper dieting habits to achieve successful weight loss exist. 

Sarah Richards, Nutritionist, Nestlé Cereals Switzerland said that "there is a widespread belief of 'saving calories' by skipping breakfast. This is a common misconception amongst dieters and those watching their weight," she added. "Your body will naturally make up the calorie deficit in other foods eaten throughout the day." 

According to Richards, research showed a strong association between breakfast consumption and a healthy weight. "Breakfast helps to wake the body up and kick start the metabolism after a long night's fast, and a higher metabolism naturally leads to higher calorie burning capacity of the body. In general, breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than those who skip breakfast," she explained. 

Wafaa Helmi Ayesh, Head of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department at Rashid Hospital in Dubai agreed, adding that "Eating breakfast, and in particular whole grain breakfast cereals reduces impulsive snacking on foods with empty calories, which is one of the leading unhealthy dietary habits among dieters." 

"It is good to remember that the key to weight loss is about overall lifestyle habits depicted in a varied, balanced diet in addition to regular physical activity," commented Lynn Al Khatib, Nutritionist, Nestlé Middle East said, 

"Nestlé Fitness whole grain cereal with skimmed milk comprises an ideal quick breakfast that is part of a weight loss plan, full of essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in fat; thus providing the right energy to start an active day," Al Khatib concluded.