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ِِActive measures to stop the spread of Osteoporosis in the region

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Nestlé NESVITA® supports the PAOS Osteoporosis training course as part of their regional bone health initiative



As part of Nestlé Middle East's regional bone health initiative announced last month, Nestlé NESVITA® sponsored the 5th Pan Arab-IOF Osteoporosis Diagnostic Course, hosted by the Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society (PAOS) in Damascus on July 2nd and 3rd.


Developed by internationally renowned faculty, the two-day course covered the latest knowledge on the physiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and management of Osteoporosis. The course was attended by 107 physicians and health professionals from around the region. 

Dr. Gemma Adib, President of the Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society opened the event with a welcome speech and overview of Osteoporosis in the region at large, "Most recent studies have pointed out the prevalence of low bone mass among women in the region, as 35% of women over the age of 50 in the Middle East suffer from Osteoporosis, and numbers are increasing," she said. 

"Continuing to upgrade the knowledge of medical professionals around the Arab region when it comes to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Osteoporosis is imperative to help curb the spread of the problem." 

Dr. Adib also highlighted the importance of nutrition in preventing bone disease, thanking Nestlé Middle East and NESVITA® for sponsoring the course. 

In addition to risk assessment and treatment topics, 'Non Pharmacologic Preventive Measures' against Osteoporosis was an issue discussed during the course; an area that has been promoted by Nestlé for decades. 

Lynn Al Khatib, Nestlé Middle East Nutritionist, commented on the importance of prevention in addressing the prevalence of osteoporosis in the region, "The best way to combat Osteoporosis is through preventative measures, most importantly by incorporating good bone-building diets and habits into your lifestyle, with plenty of calcium-rich foods, good intake of micronutrients to support calcium absorption in the body, and physical activity." 

Leading nutritional research by Nestlé Research Center over the years yielded innovative products with high nutritional value to address such requirements. For women, Nestlé developed the specially formulated adult powdered milk Nestlé NESVITA® pro-Bones to help women build and maintain strong and healthy bones, enabling them to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis in later stages of life. 

Nestlé NESVITA® pro-Bones is enriched with an optimum amount of Calcium, in addition to the combination of nutrients necessary to help the body absorb Calcium, including Vitamin D, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin C. It also provides important micronutrients for the general health and wellness of women, including Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin E. 

In June, Nestlé Middle East announced the launch of a region-wide initiative to boost bone health knowledge and preventative action. The "Nestlé Strong & Healthy Bones" initiative addresses the need to propagate bone health knowledge in the region to help prevent Osteoporosis, facilitating such knowledge to both health professionals and the public.