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Apr 02, 2012

New Nespresso limited edition coffee draws on wine-making technique

New Nespresso coffee draws on wine-making technique


Coffee beansCASTILLO VARIETY CHERRIES: Coffee beans at different stages of ripening leading to the proper maturation for Naora Limited Edition coffee.

Nestlé’s premium portioned coffee brand Nespresso has developed a technique similar to that used to produce fine wine, to create its new limited edition Grand Cru coffee Naora.

Specially selected Colombian Castillo coffee bean ‘cherries’ are left to mature on the plant until the last possible moment, giving them a distinct taste.

The ‘late harvest’ technique requires tight control of growing conditions to ensure the beans are picked when they have reached optimum maturity.

Even a few days delay past that point can affect the taste and mean the whole harvest is wasted.

Ability to over ripen

Nespresso has worked with the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers to perfect the technique which was heavily influenced by oenology, the study of wine.

Colombian Castillo coffee cherries were chosen for their ability to over ripen while still staying attached to the coffee plant.

Their maturity gives the Naora blend its distinctive blackcurrant and blueberry taste.

The ‘late harvesting’ technique means they can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients during growth which helps create a better aroma.

RefractometerPERFECT TIMING: A refractometer measures sugar content of the Castillo coffee cherries to ensure the beans are harvested at the ideal maturation stage.

Approaching coffee like wine

Nespresso experts approach coffee tasting in the same way that sommeliers approach wine tasting.

The Nespresso Coffee Codex gives international chefs and sommeliers the information they need to match individual coffees with gourmet cuisine and enhance the dining experience for consumers.

It describes the sourcing process, from bean to cup, the art of coffee tasting, and how to match premium coffee with other food and beverages. It also provides insight from international sommeliers.

“We applied the vocabulary of wine tasting to the art of tasting coffee,” explained Giuseppe Vaccarini, co-author of the Codex and leading member of the Association International of Sommeliers.

“Not only does it reflect the parallels between the two fields, it also enables the sommelier to effectively identify and describe the characteristics of coffee needed to make ideal pairings with other food and beverages,” he added.

Unique blend

Naora is a one-off unique blend that joins Nespresso’s collection of 16 permanent Grand Cru coffees.

The company introduces a Limited Edition three times a year for a short period of time.

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